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Qatar Labor Law

Welcome to Qatar Labor Law website! Here, you can find information regarding the Qatar Labor Law both in the private and public sector, in which the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor (MSA&L) enforces labor regulation in the private sector.

Sources for the contents came from and was passed by the National Assembly recently. Before it is sent to HH the Amir for his endorsement, the law requires approval from the Qatar Cabinet, if it becomes effective it will be then published in the Qatar Gazette, we keep our pages up-to-date to any recent advancement regarding Qatar Labor Law.

The website aims to provide its readers all necessary information to maintain a harmonious working environment in Qatar. Its goal is to inform regular employees, both residents and foreign workers, about their rights and privileges. It also includes procedure for hiring legal, competent employees for the private sector, knowing Qatar Labor Law will be an advantage to any employee as well as employers. With this knowledge, there will be lesser chances of fraudulent transactions, hiring and employment.

Qatar Labor Law web site also contains articles about the definition and functions of the Private Sector, the detailed Qatar Labor Law for the Private Sector as well as the newly-amended Qatar Labor Law 2011. To know more about these topics, just visit the links to the other pages found in the homepage.

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