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Cheng Wei looked calm: \”That\’s incest.\” \”Pooh, Pooh, Pooh!\” Su Wenzhu spat her a few times, and then continued to watch the game with a face of excitement. Cheng Wei looked at the bouncing Su Wenzhu and showed a smile of looking at a fool. \”Lin Yang suddenly gasped.\” What\’s the matter? Shao Qing looked over. My hand hurts. Rub it for me. Lin Yang stretched out the injured hand and looked at her pitifully with a pair of peach blossom eyes. Shaoqing\’s heart softened, hesitated for a moment or held Lin Yang\’s hand, and then gently rubbed his wrist, while asking: \”Does it hurt?\” Lin Yang shook his head, nodded again, and said ingratiatingly, \”It won\’t hurt so much if you rub it.\” There was another scream, and Su Yan scored another goal. As soon as Su Yan looked up with a smile, he saw Shao Qing, who was rubbing Lin Yang\’s wrist with his head down in the audience, and the smile in his eyes cooled instantly. Next, the audience found that Su Yan\’s offensive became more and more fierce, and the cold breath emitted when he dribbled the ball made his opponent shudder a little. Tongan University fought more and more bravely in Vietnam, and the score was pulled apart at once. End of the third section. The score has become 69:50. The players were all gathered together by the coach to discuss the tactical arrangements for the last quarter. In the last section,cantilever racking system, several teammates are discussing. Su Yan had a thin layer of sweat on his face, and his movements of rubbing the sweat on his shoulder clothes were indescribably good-looking. Because of the sweat, the bangs were wet and hanging down, and the cold temperament on his body was diluted a lot, which made him look a little soft. He suddenly looked at Shaoqing here, just in time for Shaoqing\’s line of sight. Shaoqing\’s heart moved inexplicably and smiled at him. Su Yan suddenly found that Shaoqing\’s influence on himself was far beyond his imagination. She just smiled at him in such an ordinary way that he could not restrain his joy and a trace of sweetness. He could only keep his head down so as not to reveal his affection for Shaoqing. The break will soon be over. The last section. The other side\’s counterattack was very fierce, but the basketball team of Tongan University did not give up at all. The current situation is greatly favorable to Tongan University. As long as Tongan University does not let Qingshu University score,heavy duty cantilever racks, it will win. However, Tongan University will obviously not defend passively. Attack is the best defense. In the case of the other side\’s crazy counter-attack, Tongan university still gets points one after another. In the back, Qingshu University has a kind of decadent feeling. After all, the score has been too wide and the time is not enough. Finally, the game is over. The score stopped at 83:69. The basketball players of Tongan University gathered together to cheer and celebrate, then shook hands with the basketball players of Qingshu University, and then dispersed. The audience in the auditorium also began to get up and walk out. Don\’t go! Let\’s go to dinner after we take a shower. Zhang Xiaochuan, sweating profusely, ran over and said to Shaoqing. Cheng Wei said, \”OK, have you decided on a place?\”? I\’ll drive Shaoqing and Xiaozhu there first. Zhang Xiaochuan signed up for a shop. Cheng Wei took Shao Qing and Su Wenzhu to go first. Cheng Wei went to pick up the car first, warehouse pallet racks ,shuttle rack system, and Shao Qing and Su Wenzhu were waiting at the gate of the stadium. Su Yan they came out of the gym talking and laughing, and two people said hello to go to the direction of the dormitory building, Shaoqing suddenly felt his hand was a steaming hand gently hold, that hand a hold that did not stay, Shaoqing a stupefied, a look up only to see a group of boys left the back, do not know who is the hand in the end. Just then, a voice of hesitation came from behind him: \”Shaoqing?\” The voice was indescribably familiar, Shao Qingwei was stunned, and then as soon as he turned around, he saw a familiar but strange face. Shao Qing! It\’s really you! After Shaoqing turned around, the hesitation on the face of a girl in a black dress with delicate makeup was swept away and turned into a face of surprise, and she came forward excitedly. Su Wenzhu looked at each other curiously, apparently this is Shaoqing\’s friend. Shao Qing was surprised at her change, but still accurately called out her name: \”Sheng Nan.\” With a faint smile on her face, Wang Shengnan\’s eyes turned red in an instant, and even his voice choked: \”Shaoqing, why didn\’t you contact me when you came out?\” Said to come forward to give Shaoqing a big hug. Shaoqing lowered his eyes and felt sour in his heart. It was a surprise to meet Shengnan here. Su Wenzhu looked at the girl in surprise and was curious about what she said? Coming out of where? Shao Qing said to Su Wenzhu, \”Wenzhu, I\’m sorry. Can I talk to my friend alone?\” Although Su Wenzhu was curious, he also knew that this was Shao Qing\’s privacy and that he should not pry too much, so he nodded and said, \”Then I\’ll go to the front first, and I\’ll call you when Sister Wei Wei comes.\” Then he nodded slightly to Wang Shengnan and went to the front. After Su Wenzhu left, Shao Qing and Wang Shengnan were relatively speechless. After a while, both of them suddenly laughed. There were hundreds of tastes in their laughter, which were hard to describe. When did you come out? Wang Shengnan asked on his own initiative. Almost two months. Shao Qing said with a smile. Wang Shengnan said with red eyes: \”Shaoqing, you are really cruel. I went to see you so many times, but you refused to see me once. You refused to accept the things you brought. You sent me so many letters and you didn\’t reply to me.\” Shao Qing smiled and said, \”I have read all the letters you sent me. I know you are very good. As for me, I have nothing to write, so I didn\’t reply.\” Wang Shengnan held Shaoqing\’s hand and tears rolled in his eyes: \”It\’s good that you came out.\” For five years, when she saw her best friend in prison, she couldn\’t do anything. Later, when she went to prison to see her, Shaoqing avoided seeing her. She didn\’t know how sad she was. At this time, Shaoqing stood in front of her, but she felt so strange. Wang Shengnan could feel that Shaoqing was no longer the girl who was in high spirits five years ago, although her appearance had not changed much. But her temperament was completely different from before,asrs warehouse, as if it had been smoothed out. Yes, five years in prison is enough to make a complete change. Where do you live now? Wang Shengnan asked cautiously: \”Do you have a job?\” She was afraid of hurting Shaoqing, but she was eager to know her current situation.