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Genesis Crystals are the primary in-game currency of Genshin Impact. This in-game currency cannot be obtained through in-game activities, but you can get them by purchasing them for real money. Furthermore, Genesis Crystals can be converted to Primogems , and 1 Genesis Crystal is worth 1 Primogem. Genshin Impact is one of the biggest and most successful free-to-play gacha games on the market right now, thanks in no small part to MiHoYo’s consistency with content updates and new characters Method #1: Get Free Genesis Crystals with Freecash Of all three, Freecash is considered the best get-paid-to service at the moment and has tons of tasks for you to complete and get paid. Furthermore, it has a mobile app that users can download and complete tasks on the go. Image Source: YouTube/ Me2oon

There are a couple of places you will find Genesis Crystals for sale within the game. In-Game and PS Stores. Genesis Crystals are exclusively locked behind a paywall without a manual grind free-to-play option, but the game does start you out on the right foot by offering double the Genesis Crystals on your first purchase in the in-game store. Genshin Impact – Free Genesis Crystals Generator. You are just able to use this generator for the next minutes! Genshin Impact UID: Platform: Genesis Crystals: Info Make sure to type your Genshin Impact username. Info The activities are delayed due to high traffic.

Genshin Impact is a gacha-based action role-playing game developed by miHoYo. Genshin Impact developers have announced a free giveaway event that grants players free primogems and genesis crystals. 👍🔔 Like/Turn Notifications ON Stream: 1pm EST Everyday | @ : : Hey guys, I found this genshin impact free primogems and genesis crystals farm guide on reddit in 2020. Using this guide you can get unlimited primogems and