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Shen Qing\’s study always does not like others to move, every week Shen Lianyi fixed tidies up once. Yo, what\’s the matter? Shen Qing sat down and rubbed his temples. The dark circles under his eyes were clearly visible. Tang Jiao thought for a moment and asked softly, \”Is there anything difficult for my uncle?\” Shen Qing laughed and comforted him by saying, \”Ah Yo, don\’t worry. There\’s nothing at home.\” Tang Jiao laughed and said slowly, \”Uncle thinks I believe what you said?\”? Even if it\’s not a family matter, it\’s something else. It\’s always about you, isn\’t it? Shen Qing knows the character of his niece, and he knows that if he doesn\’t say it, I\’m afraid the girl will ask endlessly. He thought for a moment and said, \”Someone is very interested in the boat shop, but I don\’t want to sell it to him, so I\’m a little confused.\” Tang Jiao knew that the Shen family\’s shipping line was actually a hot potato, just to see whether the hot potato went wrong early or late. She now felt more and more that the death of her uncle in a previous life was not necessarily an accident. Although I don\’t know why my uncle doesn\’t want to sell it to that person, I know you must have your own reasons. Since it\’s hard to say if you don\’t want to sell it, why don\’t you think about it in another way? Has my uncle ever considered selling the shipping company to a more powerful person? Well, we are nobodies, and we can\’t control anything else. If they have ideas, they can communicate with each other again! It saved us a lot of trouble. Tang Jiao tone is very light, but serious: \”Such a person,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, is not no?\” Shen Qing is silent, there is nature, but it is not so easy to talk about. Tang Jiao can think of, he naturally has long thought of, relax, said: \”I will watch.\” Tang Jiao leaned against the table and suddenly changed the subject and asked, \”How is the Lu family now?\” Tang Jiao suddenly mentioned the Lu family, but Shen Qing didn\’t think of it. He was silent for a while and said,Magnesium Oxide price, \”I have no time to take care of myself. Now their boat company is called stormy at best, and it will go bankrupt tomorrow at worst.\” Tang Jiao nodded on the desktop, \”where is the Jiang family?\” She immediately asked: \”I have not asked my uncle, what is the business of the Jiang family?\” Mention Jiang Jia, Shen Qing has momentary affliction, but very fast, he responds: \”Commodity, how to think of to say their home?\”? Neither of them had anything to do with buying a boat this time. And the Jiang family is now on the decline. Do you remember our conversation at the hospital? I said I wouldn\’t touch their house, but I wouldn\’t be polite either. In fact, Tang Jiao can not say what she is worried about, after all, her previous life in Shanghai is too short, a lot of things do not know. But in a previous life, the Lu family was not defeated. It was the Shen family that was soon defeated. She bit her lip and said, \”I don\’t know. I just don\’t feel very good.\”. These two families don\’t make me feel very comfortable. It\’s better for my uncle to be careful. Do not guard against the wealth of wolves, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, and the introduction of tigers and leopards. Or maybe the jackal and the tiger and the leopard are in the same group. Tang Jiao\’s words made Shen Qing quiet, and he bowed his head and pondered. In fact, the power of the Lu family should not be underestimated. Their family has become like this so quickly, and no one is in the way. I don\’t believe it. Shen Qing looked up and said, \”I have received news that the affairs of the Lu family have something to do with Gu Qiye.\” \”It\’s not for you, is it?\” He said slowly. Tang Jiao burst out laughing, laughing back and forth, almost breathless, she looked at Shen Qing incredibly: \”Uncle, how can you be so naive ah!\”! Don\’t say we don\’t have any relationship now. Even if I am his wife, he won\’t do anything for me. Such a big hand, really big action will not be just beginning. I\’m afraid I have a plan for a long time, but I\’m just looking for something to use as an introduction. If you believe that he\’s just trying to get justice for someone or something, then with all due respect, he\’s got hot chicken in his head. She patted Shen Qing on the shoulder, I do not know how uncle can think of her body, naturally, she is not scolding his uncle is spicy chicken, I think her uncle himself will not believe such a ridiculous reason. \”The Seventh Master Gu is the Seventh Master Gu,\” she said. \”You\’ll remember that no matter what happens in the future. As for me, I am your niece, and I trust him. A lot of things have to be looked at in different ways. ” Tang Jiao is so Pure Brightness, but it seems that Shen Qing is not Pure Brightness. But Tang Jiao did not say more, she was not unhappy, humming a ditty to go upstairs. Gu Qiye grew up in Hongmen, where he ate people without blinking. As for the Huo family, that is a crazy existence, she can not feel that such a background of Gu Tingyun is a simple person. And Tang Jiao thought of Gu Tingyun\’s whisper and laughed softly. He said, \”You were the one who called me to tell me that Duanmu Jingyu had a problem.\”. She was so shrewd and predictable that she really wanted to say to his opponent, \”Take care of yourself.\”. Very strange, obviously he knew, obviously there are many places to say, but feel that there is no relationship, even not worried that he will doubt himself or how to do to himself! It\’s a strange feeling. But very Tang Jiao! Tang Jiao went upstairs, but he didn\’t know that Shen Qing had dialed Gu Tingyun\’s phone downstairs. He was very quiet: \”Fourth Brother, please inform the Seventh Master that Shen Qing wants to talk to him about the shipping company.\” After a pause, Shen Qing got a reply and nodded: \”OK, OK.\” After communicating with Shen Qing, Gu Si hung up the phone and said, \”Seventh Master, why do you think Shen Qing is suddenly willing to talk to us this time?\” The sudden change of things makes people a little confused. Gu Tingyun took out the cigar box from the drawer, picked one at random, and said slowly, \”There is a variable. There is a variable that interrupts his original plan.\” Gu Tingyun did not attack the Shen family, not because Shen Qing was kind in doing business, he never looked at these. He was looking at the big picture, and to be fair,caustic calcined magnesite, the Lu family was more worthy of dealing with, and they had a legitimate reason. These days, you have to find a fig leaf to fart.