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After a while, several Eskimo women, holding several plates, came to Gao Jianfei\\\\\\\’s side and put the things on the plate on the table. And then run away timidly. Gao Jianfei ignored the rabbit-like Eskimos. He was ready to eat and drink. However, what I saw next made Gao Jianfei frown! The so-called food was divided into nine portions and served on nine wooden plates. In each wooden plate, there were several sea fish, and some raw meat with the smell of blood, which was cut from the carcass of some animal! In addition, there are some small dishes with granular coarse salt. And bad knives and forks. Gao Jianfei picked up a fish, raw. When I sniffed it, there was a fishy smell. Eh? This Gao Jianfei looked at the erudite Song Ying. Song Ying frowned and said, \\\\\\\”gradually flying, Eskimo food is basically raw food.\\\\\\\”. Perhaps, for Eskimos, raw food is more delicious than baked food. Similarly, there is also nutrition. However I dare not eat one. Zheng Cuiyun, who has always been bold and playful, tore a piece of fat meat directly with her hand, dipped it in a salt dish, then pinched her nose,Rotating sludge scraper, put the meat into her mouth and chewed it wildly. All eyes looked at Zheng Cuiyun. Gao Jianfei couldn\\\\\\\’t help but raise his thumb and say, \\\\\\\”What a cow!\\\\\\\” Two minutes later, Zheng Cuiyun swallowed the raw meat thoroughly. They all asked in unison, \\\\\\\”How does it taste?\\\\\\\” Nie Xiaoxia added, \\\\\\\”Elder Martial Sister, if you want to vomit, you can just vomit.\\\\\\\” Unexpectedly,Belt Filter Press, Zheng Cuiyun\\\\\\\’s eyes were shining, \\\\\\\”It\\\\\\\’s delicious!\\\\\\\”! Really, you try! \\\\\\\”Really?\\\\\\\” Gao Jianfei tore off a piece of meat with thick fat, dipped it in coarse salt, and then put it into his mouth. At the beginning, it was really fishy, but after chewing a few times, he felt sweet mixed with a unique fragrance, and a little salty, very delicious! Moreover, the taste is very smooth and very comfortable to eat. Delicious Gao Jianfei praised. As a result, people began to eat raw fish, coupled with the kind of do not know what process brewed out of the wine, it is like enjoying a rich feast! Eating and drinking, rapid sand filters ,disc air diffuser, the cold is gradually replaced by warmth. Gao Jianfei is very comfortable now. He knew that after coming to this town, it was not so easy for Americans to find themselves again. Of course, this cannot be said to be completely able to evade the investigation of the US military. Gao Jianfei understands that if he wants to be completely carefree, he must go deep into the Arctic! Now, Gao Jianfei is considering whether to follow the scientific expedition team, muddle into the Arctic, or simply live in seclusion in this town. At present, after killing Holman, plus the sporadic experience gained before, Gao Jianfei is still 375000 points short of experience points, and can be promoted to level 5 exorcist. Gao Jianfei has one more thing to do besides living in seclusion and recuperating. Take the task! Earn experience! Strive for an upgrade! However, this bitter cold, far away from the modern civilization of the place, will there be ghosts to release the task? Gao Jianfei is ready to find an opportunity to go into the ghost\\\\\\\’s nest and see if there is any task. At the same time, since it is now with this mysterious scientific expedition team, it is necessary for Gao Jianfei to know the details of this scientific expedition team. Therefore, he has already released several level 1 ghosts, which follow Dr. Blank like a shadow. A big bar in the small town of Barrow. Blank, the strange doctor, is sitting comfortably in a private room of the bar. In fact, this bar is not only the biggest bar in the whole town of Barrow, but also the bar with hardware. There is heating and air conditioning. The layout of the bar is very modern. Blank was sitting on a comfortable alligator-skin sofa, crossing his legs and smoking a cigar. At the same time, in this room, Blank\\\\\\\’s bodyguards are also gathered here. The white woman, holding a bright rose with drops of water on its petals, smelled the fragrance of the flowers by herself; the big man who shouted with a megaphone was drinking heavily at the moment; in addition, there were five people. Among them are a pair of skinny twins who are wrestling their arms, and a one-eyed man who is performing acrobatic acrobatics, throwing five bottles in the air and performing acrobatic acrobatics. The remaining two, one is playing with a gun, and the other is feeding a stout Labrador. Blank looked at his men with satisfaction. Then he clapped his hands. Seven elite men stopped their movements at the same time and looked at Blank with convinced eyes. Folks, this adventure is going to be one of the great and possibly miraculous adventures of our adventure life! The expression on Blank\\\\\\\’s face suddenly became extremely excited, and deep in his eye sockets, there seemed to be a flame burning. Great doctor, we are willing to follow your steps and complete one adventure after another! This is the glory of our life! Said the one-eyed man, who was juggling the bottle, in a swearing tone. Suddenly, Dr. Blank, the muscles in the corner of his eyes began to beat wildly. He pulled out an old, old, primitive animal skin from his bosom. He said in an almost howling tone, \\\\\\\”Do you know Vikings?\\\\\\\”? Do you know the Viking civilization? \\\\\\\”Eh?\\\\\\\” The big man who was drinking stared, \\\\\\\”Great Doctor,Mechanical fine screen, as far as I know, it was a group of pirates from the 8th to 11th centuries in Europe..\\\\\\\” Uh, a bunch of scum! 。